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Top 5 Presentation Hates.

View a short video of the top 5 things that drive me maddest in presentations. It features two young guest presenters who do as good a presenting job as most, unfortunately. View here.

New Set of 5x Presentation Mini E-Books Now Available – Aug’18

New series of 5 x 15-minute mini e-books now available. Upskill your presentations at your next coffee break…at your next 5 coffee breaks! Get targeted help on overcoming nerves, creating effective visual aids, interacting with your audience, keeping it interesting and keeping to time. Buying options from just £1.79 here.

Only Fools and Presentations

Watch this week’s videocast, which finds insights on how to deliver a presentation from an unlikely source: the Trotter brothers. It shows how arguments unlock the key to good delivery. It’s funny, too. Get my new book, Awful Presentations, here.  

Presentation of the Year 2017…kind of…

Video – “MY PRESENTATION OF THE YEAR 2017″…sort of. Watch my seasonal ‘presentation of the year’ short video to see the kind of role models I like to cite, and maybe learn how a presentation should be more of a conversation than a performance.

Discussion on Awful Presentations with Samantha Kelly on Crowdcast

I know it looks like the opening titles to The Brady Bunch (for those of a certain age) but this is actually a screenshot of my recent Crowdcast with Samantha kelly (and others) on presentations and ‘Awful Presentations’. It was a really good way to explore a subject with interaction, questions, polls, in-vision contributions and sample …

Sean O’Sullivan – My Interview with the Dragon

We all know Sean O’Sullivan from Dragon’s Den and on first glance he seems the very epitome of an ‘entrepreneur’: tough New York childhood, single mother, family of eight, self-taught computer programmer, purchaser of first computer with savings for work as computer programmer, starter of first company in early twenties, founder of ‘Jump Starter’ programme …