Rocket Science for Farmers – Communication is About Making Connections

Edmond Harty makes connections when communicating which reflect the connections he makes when developing new products.

Irish entrepreneur of the year, 2012, Edmond Harty keeps an eye on the latest technologies across all fields and asks the question: ‘Can I apply this to dairy farming?’

Often he can. Edmond had the idea for one of his company’s most successful products, the Moomonitor, on a flight to Canada after reading an article about how missiles and torpedo’s know where they are even if their GPS fails. ‘It was by knowing how cows behave and how you can link stuff together…different ingredients,’ he told me when interviewed him recently.

This ability to make connections between disparate things is reflected Edmond’s communication skills. He likens developing a product  to baking a cake, the electronics and computer interface being the icing. He thinks of a tank of milk as a safe, and the market-place as a game of football. These connections are two things that most awful presentations are very far from being: creative and simple.

Oh, and he used to bring a screwdriver to primary school with him, ‘in case anything needed doing.’ Fascinating character; read the full interview here.

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