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Most people’s response to an afternoon of presentations will be: ‘Do I have to stay for all of them?’ Presentations are often dull and ineffective but they don’t have to be. A presentation and a conversation are essentially the same thing and if you arrange your content properly, you can present as easily as if …

Silent Presentation

Quirky video from a conference in 2014 which tackles problem of speakers reading their own bullets, not by getting rid of the bullets but by getting rid of the speaker!!

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5 Reasons to Love the Antiques Roadshow

This short video gives 5 reasons why the Antiques Roadshow is a communication masterclass. If you’re looking for a guidance on what what to include in a presentation, take a leaf (5 leaves) out of one of the longest running TV programmes on the BBC.

5 Reasons to Hate TED

TED talks are held up as the ultimate example of good presenting, and often they are very slick, but there are a few core reasons why this kind of presentation is very different from those most of us have to give in the workplace, and therefore NOT something you should try to emulate. This short video explains …

What do First Dates Tell us About Presentations

How do we remember important conversations in the real world? What was our focus? What seemed important? The example of a nerve-racking first date is used to show how real conversations work and how wrong-headed many presentations are by contrast. With a little help from ‘Lindi’ the cat and ‘Yago’ the owl, of course.  

12 Visual Aids Tips in 4 Minutes

PowerPoint doesn’t have to be prefixed with ‘death by-‘, it can actually add value in many ways. Here are 12 quick practical tips on using images, bullet-points, slideshows, animations and graphs in your next presentation  

Pecha Kucha – A Singularly Inane Presentation Phenomenon

Pecha Kucha is a global presentation phenomenon in which speakers are restricted to 20 slides that change automatically every 20 seconds. The idea was patented (yes, ‘patented’ !!) in 2003 by two Tokyo based architects Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein and this short video looks at what makes this format of presentation work (and fail) …